European Funding

European Funding

As a member of the European Union Irish productions and projects co-produced with Ireland can avail of funding from Eurimages and Creative Europe


Ireland is a member of the Council of Europe's production support fund, Eurimages, therefore projects that are produced in Ireland or co-produced with Ireland can avail of Eurimages funding.

The fund supports production of feature films, documentaries and animated films that are intended for cinematographic exhibition and are co-productions between at least two member states. Eurimages was established in 1988 and Ireland has been a member since 1992. Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland pays Ireland's subscription to Eurimages annually.

Emma Scott is Ireland's representative on the Eurimages board, and is currently serving as Eurimages, Vice President. Eurimages representatives meet every 8-10 weeks to consider funding applications. If you wish to pursue an application, having first read the Eurimages Guidelines to ascertain eligibility, please contact Emma Scott in advance making a submission to Eurimages, even as a minority co-producer.

For full details of the fund, please consult the Eurimages website.

Irish films (majority and minority co-productions) that have been in receipt of Eurimages funding are:

2017: Jade
2016: Muse, Return to Montauk, Black '47
2015: Halal Daddy, The Ash Lad, The Mute
2014: The Last King, Wait for Me
2013: The Lobster, The Invisible Boy, De Surprise, Kongens Nei (The King's Choice), 11 Minutes
2012: Menu Degustacio (Tasting Menu), A Thousand Times Good Night, Moscow Never Sleeps, Le Temps de l'Aventure
2011: Niko A Family Affair
2010: A Royal Affair, Moon Man, THe Polish Plumber (Documentary), This Must Be the Place, Wonderland
2009: All Good Children, As If I Am Not There, Essential Killing, The Hideaways, Thor: The Edda Chronicles, Some Other Stories, Circus Fantasticus
2008: Swansong: The Story of Occi Byrne, Triage, Foxes
2007: Dorothy Mills, Das Vatterspiel, Way to the Stars
2006: Little Foxes, Summer of the Flying Saucer, Dot Com
2005: The Front Line, True North (aka Dragnet), Brendan and the Secret of Kells
2004: Ugly Duckling & Me, Short Order
2002: Song For A Raggy Boy
2001: Headrush
2000: How Harry Became A Tree, H3
1999: Chaos, Nora
1998: Help! I'm a Fish, Mal de Nos/Mercy
1997: Sweety Barrett, Out of Passion, Love & Rage
1996: The Fifth Province
1995: A Further Gesture, Last of the High Kings, Spaghetti Slow, Joe My Friend
1994: Guiltrip, Frankie Starlight, Snakes and Ladders, Divine Magic - The World of the Supernatural, The Disappearance of Finbar
1993: The Bishop's Story, Moondance

Creative Europe

As a member of the European Union, projects produced in Ireland and co-produced with Ireland qualify for funding from Creative Europe.

Creative Europe is a European Union programme to support the European audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors. From 2014-2020, €1.46 billion is available to cultural and creative practitioners to operate across Europe, reach new audiences and develop digital skills.
Creative Europe brings together a Culture sub-programme, which provides funding for the cultural and creative sectors; a MEDIA sub-programme, which invests in film, television, new media and games; and a Cross-sectoral strand which includes a Financial Instrument for the Cultural and Creative Sectors.  By helping European cultural and audiovisual works to reach audiences in other countries, the programme will also contribute to safeguarding cultural and linguistic diversity.
The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the development, distribution and promotion of the output of the film and audio-visual industries. Supported areas include:

  • Development (Single Projects & Slate Funding) - Drama, Animation and Documentary for Cinema, Television and Digital Platform exploitation.
  • Development of Video Games
  • Support for co-financed Europe TV programming – Drama, Animation and Documentary for Television and Digital Platform exploitation.
  • Audiovisual Festivals and Markets
  • Pan Europe Training programmes for Audiovisual Professionals
  • Distribution and Exhibition
  • Co-production funds
  • Film Education

To learn more about the opportunities that Creative Europe can offer, please contact the Irish information offices:
For the MEDIA Sub-programme:
Creative Europe Desk Ireland – MEDIA Office

Creative Europe Desk Galway

For the Culture Sub-Programme:
Creative Europe Desk Ireland – Culture Office